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Kyiv Post suspends operations

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    Adnan Kivan, the Kyiv Post publisher, said on Monday, Nov. 8, that the newspaper will close immediately “for a short time.”

    “God bless all of us. One day, we hope to reopen the newspaper bigger and better,” Kivan said. “I thank the entire Kyiv Post team and Brian Bonner for his service to Ukraine and independent journalism in the past 25 years.”

    Bonner, the Kyiv Post chief editor, said that he will retire after closing down the operations of the newspaper and preserving its archives. Bonner thanked Kivan “for this strong support since he bought the newspaper.”

    Looks like the editor is retiring. They only had like 2,500 subscribers, but this is surprising to me. With the insane anti-Russia, pro-neoliberal positions the KP always took I assumed they were well funded and staffed by someone.

    I narrowly missed out on buying a subscription lately. Glad I didn't.
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    Donald Trump Naturally Camouflaged
    Ukraine’s oldest English-language newspaper the Kyiv Post has suspended publication after 26 years as its journalists accused the owner, a powerful oligarch, of “attacking” them.

    Adnan Kivan, a construction tycoon
    who bought the Kyiv Post three years ago, said in a statement that the newspaper will close immediately “for a short time”.

    Adnan Kivan
    Photograph: Adnan Kivan/Facebook
    “God bless all of us. One day, we hope to reopen the newspaper bigger and better,” Kivan said.

    Kyiv Post journalists then released a joint statement on Facebook, saying that all the employees were notified that they were “immediately” fired.

    About 50 people lost their jobs.

    They had earlier said that Kivan planned to expand the Kyiv Post and launch a Ukrainian-language outlet under the paper’s brand, while also appointing a new hand-picked chief editor.

    “We saw it as an attempt to infringe on our editorial independence,” the statement said.

    And the dismissal of the paper’s staff, they said, was an attempt to get rid “of inconvenient, fair and honest journalists”.

    Looks like they pissed someone off. Kivan is Arab btw.
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    Donald Trump Naturally Camouflaged
    The paper claims 2,928 subscribers, assuming they each pay €45 a year, that's €131,760. That's corner shop money. Assuming 50 staff (which is a lot of staff) that's €2635.20 per year each, which would be about 3 - 5 months salary, not even counting fixed costs like rent. Big loss maker, and obviously the oligarch owner decided that it just wasn't worth it, or was asked by one of his buddies to do something.
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    they never heard of internet ?
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    Apparently the old editorial team have rage-quit and gone their own way and want to start their own publication. The Kyiv Post will resume operations with a new crew and some Canadian who was CEO previously from 2016-2018, and will no longer be paywalled.

    The whole thing has a glow about it, but I'm glad the paper will still be around.
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