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the dream

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    A College Professor victim of incest [your moreover breastless limestone]
    This is from a few nights ago but I never writ it down till now. I was back in school and one of the teachers had replaced a couple of the printers to ones that were dual purpose as printer/urinal. Well I started peeing in several of the printers including ones that were just regular printers so the non-urinal printers were just holding piss where the papers come out. The teacher saw this and called me out on it but I beat around the bush and basically said well I wouldn't know about who did that, but they knew it was me and I was embarrassed for peeing in the wrong printers and for lying about it.

    Then later I went over to savs/savs moms house and it was super old carpet and cabinets and all that, it was pretty worn due to age but they kept the place really clean and tidy. Her mom got out some liquer that was weird it was like orange liquier with olives and cloves floating around in the bottle.

    There was a lot of really strange dreams that night and I can't really remember the rest
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    Damn thats wild they ashould actually make piss printers
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