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Things I have learned about my 486 AFTER buying it.

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    BeeReBuddy African Astronaut [pimp your due marabout]
    Yes, I did buy this machine mostly for what it looked like and I didn't even ask any questions or do much research.
    It was just an idea I got from watching LGR videos and I thought to myself "that would be neat to do someday".
    Anyways, I got computer fever from my gaming computer build and I just feel "why not?".

    After doing a bunch of research I have found that my 486 uses ISA ports which is okay but PCI ports would have been better and allowed for the best performance in such a build.
    To be fair, I didn't know they had 486 motherboards with PCI slots.

    Nest thing I learned was that the processor it comes with is a DX2 50 which is a little slower than I thought I was getting.
    I assumes it was a DX2 @66mhz but the markings in the picture are a bit faded and after looking back I saw a faint 50 after the DX2 markings.

    This is not the end of the world as I planned of beefing it up to either a 486 Overdrive processor or maybe even a 586 processor.
    And yes I know it says DX2 50 in the damn title but I thought the 50 was with something else.

    Can anyone tell me what those 3 slots at the bottom are next to the bottom 3 ISA slots?

    I also learned that it does in fact have L2 cache and its a beefy 256k
    That is great news because the processor only has 2k of L1 cache.

    It also appears as though I am able to upgrade it from 4mb of ram to 8mb.
    I am happy about that too.

    Currently I am researching what ports my mouse and keyboard will need.
    I can't tell from the item listing if it uses an old 5 pin plug and Im sure something serial is required.

    Anyone got a serial mouse/keyboard for sale?
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    I've been scouring Valve Village for a 486 system for a while now without luck...plenty of Pentium(1) computers but yet to find a 486
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    Donald Trump African Astronaut
    All the 486s have been put where they belong, in the trash.
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    Fonaplats victim of incest [daylong jump-start that nome]
    Originally posted by Donald Trump All the 486s have been put where they belong, in the trash.

    My 486 is a powerhouse that will be the envy of collectors around the world.
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    Certain soundblaster cards go for a pretty penny these days too
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    stl1 Dark Matter
    What you need to do is add a Holley 4 barrel dual-pumper carb, some Cragars, headers, glass packs and lights under the wheel wells to jazz that old dog up.
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