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can i get some help guys? It's probably really simple technology stuff.

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    Bradley African Astronaut
    okay so I have four issues and if you solve half of oone of them i'll be soo fucking thrilled.

    Tell me if it becomes a pain in the ass and you need payment.

    So I got two computers, neither one will run thee battery inside the labtop. One of them is a touch screen, so that'd be reeally fucking cool if it wasn't just a giant slablet that sits on my desk.

    Thee bitch says no signal now when i try to turn her on with the botton on the top, there's like uh + - buttons and a ^ \/ buttons and when i hit them they go boop but the screen never lights up.

    My labtop i'm currently using is missing four keys and makes me misspell shit like all fucking day. That's fine, i have a wireeless keyboard i'm too ignorant to use.

    The fourth and final "issue" is i'd likee to have soome help figuring how to get a working emulator just to play simple games OR gte animal croossing to run agian.

    Eeither one would be amazing!

    IDK how to goo about stsarting this, but if you work with me on it, at some point you will want something I have and dropped a ten strip of aquarium testing strips into the mail isn't beyond me.


    Thank you,
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    Ghost Black Hole
    one of those indians with a solder gun could probably fix them all in 20 mins
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    stl1 Dark Matter
    Drop 'em in an aquarium and let the fish use them for habitat.
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    I don't really understand

    1. no signal? the monitor says no signal? that just means it's not getting any output from the computer, which makes sense if the machine won't power on. what are you talking about batteries for? will neither machine boot up? what exactly happens when you try to power them on?

    2. it's usually pretty straightforward to buy a replacement keyboard off of ebay or similar, take the laptop apart and replace the whole module

    3. what console do you want to emulate?
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