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Trixie Mattel (My Celebrity Crush)

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    Bradley African Astronaut

    She's from Minnesota, my ex the tranny liked her a lot, I loved her show with Katya.

    Unlike Katya she doesn't have sex in drag and isn't a tranny, :/

    Katya reminds me of this nice boy named Lokii who gave me chlomydia when I was all methed out and feell in love with a chaotic ass nigga out of no where.

    I miss Lokii.

    But before i found oout shee just did drag to perform I likeed Trixie Mattle/Brian Fuckus a lot. Still do kinda.

    Would fuck.
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    Bradley African Astronaut

    Trixie (left) & Katya Ashimionivich
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    Solstice African Astronaut
    I don't understand what people like about that exaggerated and played out drag queen look. Most of them basically just copy each other or use the same formula of loud gaudy clothes, huge lips, and excessively extra makeup.
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