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Can someone help me understand SPF records

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    Data African Astronaut
    So I had to add another tag(?) to my SPF record in order to remove some bitch ass shit it was attaching to all my emails (via I have it directing to my email host and to the domain host and its working fine and everythinnn

    I just don't get what the fuck its doing. If my domain isn't hosting the emails then why did they need me to add them to the SPF record? They don't even offer email hosting. Why are SPF records involved at all with removing that little bitch ass shit in my emails? How are they able to effect my emails at all if they are not hosting them?

    Adding this also nuked my no-reply@ address, which could actually send emails (propaganda) but won't now that I've edited the SPF records. It actually took me like an hour to get the info from support that let me know I can neither send from a no-reply address or to a no-reply address. Pretty gay. They called it 'their email platform' which confused me.

    What aspects of email does my domain actually control? How the fuck is it a platform if they don't provide any email service.
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