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What it will be like to live in space

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    Ghost Black Hole
    shut up nonce pedo faggot
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    Kev Space Nigga
    Originally posted by Ghost shut up nonce pedo faggot

    lmao the methrat cant make up his mind what i am, its cute.
    but we all know your partner is a transvestite, you are a confirmed faggot.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    shut up nonce faggot bitch you are what the jail rapists call a good meal
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    Kev Space Nigga
    Originally posted by Ghost shut up nonce faggot bitch you are what the jail rapists call a good meal

    i bet you call your tranny boyfriends anus a good meal, you sick rat-faced homo
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    Ghost Black Hole
    shut the fuck up you nonce bitch and kill yourself. nobody likes you
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    Kev Space Nigga
    ^ triggered rat is triggered
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    Ghost Black Hole
    shut uop
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    Kev Space Nigga
    make me, nigger
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    POLECAT POLECAT is a motherfucking ferret [my presentably immunised ammonification]
    gotta be way less faggots in space
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    Originally posted by POLECAT gotta be way less faggots in space

    There's way more in space. It gets very lonely, and there's very few women in outer space.
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    Space gurrrrrl, I saw a lunar eclipse...
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    Originally posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ There's way more in space. It gets very lonely, and there's very few women in outer space.

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    Bradley victim of incest
    nothing will bring humans together like racism between us and some aliens.

    I will be an interracial homosexual alien cross breeder.

    Some times I lay awake and wonder

    "What if aliens have been here the whole time, they just only like jedis or the Chinese Communist Party, or some other real or fictitious enemy.

    They said the aliens (and their subsequent probing) really ratched it up when the nuclear weapons were being rapidly tested. Dwight D Eisenhower used to say he had to go to dental appointments and do drugs and talk technology with the Aliens, which also sounds like Angry Aryans 2YT4U . I think the aliens told him and stalin and whoever else was at the malta summit after the war.

    They said Look u lil bitches are gonna work this fuckin thing out and i swear ! To ! `18`18`18`18`181`(Alien diety name) ! You're both gonna get MURKED by me, your alien diplomat who regrets showing you the difference between nuclear fusion and fission

    You know what probaly killed kenney? A bullet.

    This thread is now about nuclear weapons and how we can use them like a drug dealer uses percs, to get these cutey foreign aliens to bounce their ass cheeks on my face. I wanted to hith area 51 with everyone to be the first nigga to record himself having consensual sex with an above age alien, preferably either really fat and brown and kinda lookin like if tila tequila was a panda bear.

    Or like a really scrawny mean motherfucker with a long pipe that likes to fight, do dabs, and has good loyalty. I would prefer if he was white but I will settle for any race except Black.

    i hope the space aliens speak english otherwise i'mma have to do da space rape

    there's an entire book (which I have not read but am very strongly considering it since 2k1's old ass was so gay to start a book club and never even posted in the book club thread which was gonna start and read the book he SELECTED!. Called (I may get this wrong)

    A stranger in the Pentagon. It's an unproven account that basically you remember the behold the pale horse fag who uncovered a bunch of conspiracies related to the us government and then got got by the gov? It's 'just like that except this guy is a former minor level defense uh idk what the term is

    says the alien has been here quite a while, we don't really ever get access to him, it's a known secret that Russia has one over there. And we think there's more at other heads of states. BAsically says the alien has an agenda, talks with telepathy, it's kinda annoying because while he's with you in person he can control how you feel about something and influence you through suggestion and direct mental manipulation. A large issue was him talkin to presidents or military leaders and him just runnin the entire conversation.

    I do not remember what the visual desccription was and only had this referenced by other sources.

    Really spooky stuuff that like i said about behold the pale horse, if even 1% of these conspiracy theories are accurate, the world is a vastly different place than what we believe it to me.

    Now do I actually think Russia has a mean brain rape alien and we have a nicne brain rape alien and it's really the same five or six guys that are basically ambassadors to other worlds on behalf of theirs?

    I could see aliens having 1 acting leader (like xinping) who si the embodiment off their dead leaders ideal (Mao Red Book) and runs their world with an aggressive, efficient, albeit heartless & Cruel empire

    They come here adn take 1 look at this nigger lives matter shit in the USA and peeked over to see what the CCP is doing to Uyghers and say "Wow, these 'c c c and p ' humans are much like Our Dear Lord `2`1`1`2`12`12`12` and his servant our dear leader.

    Or they really like the jedis. Can't tell which.
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    I'm an alien.
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