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Birds watching

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    Me. Everytime I go outside or near the window all they're beety little eyes are on me and they sing little songs to antagonize me.

    Everywhere I go they come. Its like they are people-watching and im they're most favorite people. They have me surrounded and want me to go out with my hands DOWN. They have me in a rock and a hard place

    Some people would just brush it off as nothing but I know when something is off. Follow your e gut. Stay sage out there
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    Here is my recipe for wild bird seed mix

    25lbs red millet
    50lbs white millet
    30lbs milo
    50lbs black oil sunflower seeds
    25lbs cracked corn

    I also like to throw a bit of rapeseed and nyger in there when I'm feeling fancy.
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    mmQ victim of incest
    Well my buddy Christopher has the same problem but he has a feral cat named Stairwell and he told Stairwell a few months ago that he is sick and tired of hearing the stupid songbirds singing all stupid morning when hes trying to catch some Z's so stairwell has been going out and bringing back all the birds into his apartment. Yesterday she went out and found the source apparently and she brought in 4 different babby birds one at a time lol and they were like half alive. It's kinda sad I guess
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    Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    I’ve come to prefer bird listening. Some mornings I’ll sit outside for hours with my eyes closed just to hear their symphony. You can tell by this music that they have a very busy world.

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