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A lot of good games coming out soon

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    I am hyped

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    If you are 11.
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    Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson If you are 11.

    It's the best spongebob game ever made, a quality platformer that was supposed to be low budget trash but made into a timeless gem by a developer that spent 60+ hour work weeks making sure it was a good product. You would know this if you were a real gamer.

    This is the best final fantasy game, the opening song always brings a tear to my eye

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    i am crieing. Best unskippable 3min cutscene ever.

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    if you are 11.
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    Shake my head and booty as the lovely donttellem would say
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    its the best licensed game ever made in history retard
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    You aren't a gamer so why would you care? exactly. Go play some CALL OF DOOTY or something, you can't appreciate quality platform games.
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood its the best licensed game ever made in history retard

    licenses are for gays
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    Star Wars Squadrons, supports VR too.
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    What about simpsons hit and run

    The second best licensed game
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    Trumpenreich Yung Blood
    I'm still waiting on Cyberpunk2077.
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    That spongebob game was actually legitimately good and Mario tier. I popped in my old version when i heard about the remake. I'll definitely be getting it when it goes on sale.

    As a kid it had all the memorable parts from the show and more. It was so awesome. Most of those media franchise games suck dick.
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    You can beat the game in under 5 minutes with glitches lmao. Also it's only $30 you should get it. They aren't asking for much and I think the amount of content you get for that price is worth it

    I got it for $15 though ehehehehe

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    Where'd you get it for 15? 30 is a lot for an old game imo. I passed up a sale for 23 and I regret it. I also want the Destroy all Humans remake coming next month.
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