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Wutz yet favawitt drink?

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    Mine is waLter. I looove driieeenkoeering it again. Mahhh ´┐ŽaLter!!!!!

    Two hydragin amd one oxagen and it takes the power of a team of mules to combine it up together . a chemical reaction will occur and a short sonic boom will erupt every time waLter is formed.

    Essential for life as we know it, that is why I chose to drink waLter
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    Grylls motherfucker [abrade this vocal tread-softly]
    Woah, i never thort of it that way

    but rn my favawitt drank is wine
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    tr1pl3_thr3@t African Astronaut [your inextricably aecial moniliaceae]
    I'm a Crown Apple and Cranberry kind of girl
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    Originally posted by tr1pl3_thr3@t I'm a Crown Apple and Cranberry kind of girl

    VERY fancy, indeed!!!
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    Solstice African Astronaut
    Bourbon and ice
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    gadzooks Dark Matter [keratinize my mild-tasting blossoming]
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