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lol these sre the sorts of people anna spysz works with

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    Wariat Dark Matter
    probably something slong the levels of a girlfriend Octavian wishes he could have:

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    Wariat Dark Matter
    lol shes an ecosystem director there at anna spysz’s company

    lol talking about professional looking social media images like these companies care so much right star trek?
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    Octavian motherfucker
    Star Trek: "No"
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    Wariat Dark Matter
    I bet its a company both you Octavian and star trek would love to work for or be part of their group isnt it?
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    Wariat Dark Matter
    be part of their homoerotic group.
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    Wariat Dark Matter

    yep thats ur people alright.
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    Octavian motherfucker
    Tell us more about you getting deported for being a Nonce.
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    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Dark Matter [my scoffingly uncritical tinning]
    I'd work for Stackery. Why not?
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    kroz weak whyte, frothy cuck, and former twink
    Lol wariorat is so stuck homoerotism. He's the gont that if you make a gay joke or say suck dick bitches, he'll be the one at the pub that will take it seriously and raise his hand and be like pick me pick i can do it! Lmao
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    why do you even read polygon
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    kroz weak whyte, frothy cuck, and former twink
    Originally posted by aldra why do you even read polygon

    Because its a polywog lol
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    Wariat Dark Matter
    Originally posted by Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country I'd work for Stackery. Why not?

    sounds like these people live this boring life though. like that shitty office is literally all they have in life and even in their off hours they cant function but need to communicate with one another on twitter or set up some live chats or cloud networking shit via zoom or slack. just read their tweets. is their the boring ass life youd really want? hang out with fake and boring ass people like this all day? i mean normies like this trying to be spiffy or unique like with the pic above but judging others like me probably for not being professional eith my art (but having pics like this on their social medias)?
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    Wariat Dark Matter
    like I said star trek i know thse people well and their culture. in thwt invoice job I had last it was low key poor pollack and half assed software verison of the, but thry literally also kept thier programmers couped up in there all day and sometimes they hwd no life and would sleep there. who wants to live this way? much better to be free and part of thr gig economy or create something meaningful for the world on your own. like I do with my gay porn.
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    Octavian motherfucker
    Gay porn lol.

    What a faggot.
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