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Want to build a spectroscope/spectrometer

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    Ive been getting into the principles behinid spectroscopy and have found a couple simple resources for building your own out of a cereal box and cd (pics related).

    So what I am wondering is what this design would require in order to be useful in chemical spectroscopy? Im looking into it now and it seems like the general principle goes {light source> slit> focus> prism/reflector <sample> focus> <observation hole}. Now what I am wondering is if I would be benefiting from using something like a raspberry pi hooked up to a decent quality camera for the true spectrometer. My project would require that the camera convert the information from the light into a graph based form for more accurate measurement. What im unsure of is if the camera would have to be extremely high quality or if I could get away with using something fairly cheap.

    Anyway I have a bit to think about on this project but I will keep the thread updated and if anyone has any ideas to boost capability or any general information at all it would be highly appreciated.

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