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How to make an album start to finish?

  1. Dissociator African Astronaut
    As some of you may know, I'm a vocalist, instrumentalist, producer, album cover artist, manager, mixer etc etc. I make all the music and everything else that goes in to making albums. But my work method is very half assed and disorganized and often leaves me stressed out. Here's all my work,

    and I'm not trying to advertise, can someone give some of my stuff a listen to judge me on my production, not the music itself.
    looking for tips so I can start making money from this (I have no job) and to get a point across in my songs instead of them sounding like a jumbled mess
  2. arthur treacher African Astronaut
    write a fan letter to trent reznor. he will give you the advice you seek. also, tell him I said that he fucking sucks.
  3. Dissociator African Astronaut
  4. arthur treacher African Astronaut
    I would have texted my friend who was a guitarist and made an album but we got in a fight because he is a greedy prick, and so then I made him pay me to release some of his equipment that he was storing in my garage and I took the money and never gave him his stuff so he tried to break into my garage and bent the fuck out of the door but couldn't get in and I still have one of his custom made speaker stacks and one of the chairs from his dad's van.
  5. arthur treacher African Astronaut
    If it was cheap to ship, I would just give you this 5' tall speaker cabinet thing if you paid the shipping. I don't know what they use it for, it was used by a band for something. I play a little guitar and bass, but I don't know anything about mixing or speakers or whatever they do when they play live. So, I guess if you ever need something like that, let me know. Also, it's not stolen or anything, it was in my garage long enough to be legally considered abandoned. Plus the guy went deaf from opiates and moved back to california. He fucking deserved it.
  6. vaporwave Yung Blood
    Yea man you definitely need to either buy more mics or record everything separately. Levels are way off on some tracks. And like where do you record this? What type of speaker cabinets u got? The quality is really low most of the time its just your voie that comes through clearly. I mean you are trying to go for that garage/ punk sound right? Send me some stems sometime man I will clean that shit up for you real nice
  7. Dissociator African Astronaut
    All my equipment consists of:
    squier strat. squier jazz bass, both played through rumble 75 amp and recorded thru blue snowball
    vocals blue snowball

    I don't even know what kind of sound I'm looking for.. I just go with whatever sounds right

    heres an album I literally put together less than 3 hrs ago, tried to use minimal effects and mixing
  8. Wolven Throne Yung Blood
    You can't be serious? You're not. I'm not feeding this one.
  9. just use software and make it
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