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Being my own boss.

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    Fonaplats Dallas [daylong jump-start that nome]
    Seriously, you aint ever gonna make big bread workin FOR SOMEONE.

    I been thinking about what i wanna do for my next move and i think it will involve me running my own drywall business just like Dan "The Man" Conner.

    Once our lease is up we are moving to Lanford.
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    the man who put it in my hood Dark Matter (banned)
    Yes, let's work together as a team towards a common effort that benefits us all.
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    Stop being a slave to the jew and move to the Pacific Northwest.
    Breed at least 10 children.
    Instead of a deadend job that will never get you anywhere learn a trade skill and help build strong Aryan communities.
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    the man who put it in my hood Dark Matter (banned)
    I really like the idea of making money from YouTube or livestreaming. I just don't have the proper setup to do much. Fucking windows XP

    I don't really know what to make YouTube videos about either, I mostly use my channel to upload half baked creative ideas that randomly come to me.

    But I have had a little bit of success with this video.
    You could probably get more views for your fonaplats blog videos if you named them properly, gave them good tags and stuff. It's worth the few minutes it takes when you upload to make it somewhat professional in case the algorithms pick up your video and you get lots of views

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