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My religious outlook on Christmas day

  1. #1 Tuskegee Airman
    I was raised Catholic.

    I rejected Christianity some time ago. It has a story with Jesus hanging out with Zaccheus the tax collector, and telling everyone to be nice to him.

    There are so many examples of Christianity being used to brainwash society towards subservience to the government with a fear of God and eternal damnation being the kicker.

    Follow the law, pay your taxes, go to work everyday, respect the police etc. Or go to Hell.

    They have all these innate human traits and use them to make you feel guilty at all times, telling you you are evil and God is watching and waiting to send you to hell.

    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours wife or thy donkey

    Is this a joke? Any man has feelings when he looks at a female. He is an animal. He has biological urges. But the donkey? Are they having an inside joke here?

    When a man gets hungry, he eats. But we are told to fast.

    So many natural things we are told to feel bad about with a fear of Hell. It's a book on brainwashing to enable effective governance of innocent people.

    I never considered becoming a Muslim, but they're the same. Pay your taxes, go to work, do as the government says or go to hell.

    They're all books on effective governance of human minds.

    Hinduism is very suspicious. It has a caste system. Kind of like a modern day government vetting system for security clearances and who can and who cannot run the government.

    Judaism is another political system.

    All the major religions have political rule connected to them.

    I reject them all.

    I now believe like this:

    I believe in divinity

    I believe creation is divine

    I believe we need to show respect for divinity

    I believe the natural state of the human is how the divine wants it to be. What we have done to it is unforgivable.

    Animals are instinctive with no ability to reason. I am not vegetarian. They exist within the food chain. We exist as observers of the food chain. Don't eat other people.

    I believe in a life after death

    I believe in spirits

    I believe in eternal punishment and eternal reward

    I believe that all religious prayer and worship is valid. It is sending spiritual energy towards the source, regardless of your interpretation of the source. I can therefore participate in Christian prayer and feel good feelings and ask for good outcomes from the source, without being a Christian.
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