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What happened to the Left's anti-war movement?

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    glod Yung Blood
    I live in LGPT land, and these queens used to look for any goddamn thing to stand in the street and cry. But I guess they see the D and that's all they actually care about. The LaRouchies still pop up occasionally but all those Bush protesters have gone strangelove for warfare.

    Six years: at least five thousand droned to death, multiple countries sent into chaos, our alliance invading Syria, overthrowing Ukraine's lawful gov't, the lies and nonsense about ISIS, Obama's ghoulish vow to bomb both sides of the Syrian conflict, E T C

    At most we get the usual equivocations. Someone might say to ya, "But both sides do it."

    And I say to them, "And you used to be against it."

    So then they bring up the humanitarian angle. Oh yes, war is such a wonderful tool for improving the lives of our friends and neighbors in the global village. And our government gets a lil jelly when others want in on it (it must be such fun)--- for example, the WH recently warned the Russians that attacking ISIS would be 'destabilizing' to Syria.

    The USA used drones to overthrow the governments of Libya and Yemen.* So it's hard to see what's so problematic about a little more unstability, especially against ISIS.

    And you have to love a humanitarian plan that involves waiving your ban on arming terrorists, as the President's EO did on this day in 2013. (ISIS rolled into Northern Iraq). No complaints from the press, because the presstitutes were too busy lying and claiming the invaders were insurgents.

    And the President's on the left (the good guys!), so his retarded fans can only imagine how much his binge of death has bled his swarthy heart..

    The last line of defense for the Obama-fans is to blame Bush. Bernie Sanders (I.-Israel) has talked about having to clean up this mess left behind by the Bush administration, echoing the President's consistent use of self-pity when referring to his predecessor.

    Wow, a zionist finding excuses to send military to the ME? Surprising, to say the least.

    The problem with this solution (gentiles dying for semites, arab and otherwise) is that it has never worked. We always leave chaos in our wake. Gulf War I was followed by a long occupation of Iraq by airpower, and the inevitable reinvasion. Gulf War II was followed with more occupation through airpower (in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria, etc). The Noble Prize Winner has bombed seven countries so far, and that's not even counting the chemical plants our spooks are destroying in China.

    To this day, as this administration stokes the flames of WWIII, we have utterly benighted, goose-stepping democrats who praise Obama's "smart power."


    tl;dr The left is now pro-war. Yet more evidence for the false paradigm.

    * Yemen was on accident according to the Official Lies

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