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Thinking about getting addicted to phenibut again

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    GAAAAALM African Astronaut
    I mean why not?
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    Technologist motherfucker
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    GAAAAALM African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Technologist Why?

    Because it's nice and everything seems easy while on it. Doesn't get me fucked up. And I handle GABAergic addiction really well so I don't get the awful withdrawal some people get. Honestly can't tell if I get anything at all.

    It's also pretty cheap and there's a nootropics supplier in Chicago (liftmode) so I always get my stuff the day after it ships.

    I don't smoke weed anymore and I'm tired of drinking so this is a good alternative. I already have like 150g too.
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    Totsealum Yung Blood
    I tried phenibut. It's gotta be one of the weirdest substances out there. I get minimal out of it, unless I do a lot but it does something even at moderate doses. If I do enough it will knock me out like a benzo (4.5 grams). A mid tier dose gives me nods, and makes me super sleepy but I stay up. For some reason I enjoy that. I stick to roughly no more than twice a week (probably hit 3 a few times). Another thing I like about it to me it just isn't worth doing daily. At the same time I wouldn't miss it like other legal highs, I doubt I would go through much trouble to find it, but with it legal and cheap now I recently ordered 500 grams.
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    I took 50g in 5 days and went pretty insane
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    Originally posted by Totsealum I recently ordered 500 grams.

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