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vin number earsing tools

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    Realkushseller Yung Blood
    how do the earse vin number of stolen cars
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    Honestly its better to just change the numbers than to erase it. The technology these days can see the vin imprint on an atomic level. It would be better to change 3 to 8 1 to 7 etc than to just try and erase the vin. Plus its way more suspicious to try and sell a car without a vin. That is a red fuckin flag mate.
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    SBTlauien African Astronaut
    You could find an exact vehicle with an owner that matches your sex/height/eye color/hair color, write down his/her VIN number, breaking into his/here vehicle and make a copy of his/her registration and insurance card(if it's in there), then forge the VIN number onto the metal plate near the front windshield onto metal and replace. Then you'd want to get/make a fake ID card that matches the owner of the vehicle you broke into.

    Then you could drive around pretending to be someone else in your stolen ride.
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    angle grinder lol

    seriously though it's not easy nowadays, most new cars catalogue part IDs as well as having hidden 'data dots', which are in standard areas but more or less invisible (microscopic UV barcode as I understand it, meant to be read by computer).
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    HF acid
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