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This Boy's Life by Tobias Wolff

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    hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    I picked it up on a whim and have been reading a lot lately so when I finshed the last book I was on, I naturally wanted to pick up something to keep going and it was there. It was an easy read and somewhat entertaining but I was disappointed by the end since it just hurried to a close with no real ending. It's a memoir. It made me feel somewhat nostalgic of my own teenage years. It wasn't the best, but like I said, it was an easy read with some good parts. Anyone else read it? If so, what'd you think?
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    hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    Oh, and the copy of the book I had was a withdrawn library book with a bunch of notations somebody wrote in it on the side. Some of which made no sense. One paragraph describing the shiner he had given to a kid in a fight, was Mari Gras written next to it. I often wonder what people were thinking when they write little snippets of thought in a book without much detail. Ive been known to do shit like that myself, but usually if I am reading the book for school or something along those lines.
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