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Spectral-Tier Thread (petty theft)

  1. DietPiano victim of incest
    Recently discarding the shackles of Christian morality has let me realize that I'm not above stealing under some circumstances, like from the gas station every morning and tell the clerk it's a "refill" so I get it for 99 cents.

    But mainly, I'm talking about getting discounted and free shit from the grocery store. They're careless enough to have self-checkout stands with minimal to no security, and they don't check reciepts from my experience. Today, I put a bunch of produce in a sack and typed in the number for oranges and put in the whole produce bag in the paper sack w/o scanning the rest. I also had an item that legit wouldn't scan, so I just scanned another item and put both in the sack at the same time. That was pretty light compared to what I'm considering to do from now on.

    The way I see it, if you don't want people to abuse the system, you need to make it less easy to abuse, or hire more loss prevention and have them actually check your reciept like they do at walmart.

    This is insanely easy to do with produce, since you can put a bunch of shit in a green tinted bag and type the code in for a cheap fruit veggie, and the put the most expensive variety in your bag instead. In that case, even iff they were to check your shit you could just say you typed in the wrong code and that's completely believable. Also, you can say you thought something scanned but it didn't, or a bunch of other excuses.

    How far have you gone with this system?
  2.  Acolyte
    I got a free apple this way once.
  3. faith in humanity is over placed.
  4. Technologist motherfucker
    Couldn’t do it; I’m surprised you did Diet. I guess those self check out aren’t without faults, but I suppose they are depending on people to be honest.
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