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plugging bundy

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    Pauly Roger Yung Blood
    Has anyone tried it? I had 10 gel caps and a shorty generic robitussin i got both for 2$, now taking both id be ehhhh of a trip. So i looked up plugging it seems like its been done and 100mg is about a 2nd plateau trip. I plan on opening the gel caps and plug the liquid. Then i will plug another 100 mg of bundy in the form of robitussin.
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    do it for science?
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    Pauly Roger Yung Blood
    I ingested the gel caps, and drank half th bottle of tussin. Bout to plug the rest
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    Malice Naturally Camouflaged
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    "Dextromethorphan[FONT=MS Reference Sans Serif] ([/FONT]bundy[FONT=MS Reference Sans Serif]) taken rectally causes extreme peristalsis (spasms in the intestines/colon). One ends up on the toilet (or a wastebasket if none is available - watch South Park) gripping and shitting their brains out. Bleeding is quite possible.[/FONT]

    [FONT=MS Reference Sans Serif]Last Analysis: Don't."

    do it anyway though[/FONT]
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    mashlehash victim of incest
    DO IT!
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    Pauly Roger Yung Blood
    Ok so i ate the gel caps and i felt strangely tired, i slept for 15 minutes before waking up, throwing up but it was just syrup and i already had it down for atleast 50 minutes, then i went back to bed for 10 minutes, woke up threw up that nasty medicine tasting throw up that i knew was wasted bundy. So i mixed the half bottle of robo with a lil water and shake it, and sit on it and lay on my back butt chuggin. Didnt burn too much, like hardly at all, did kinda make me have to fart and my stomach making noises but it didnt hurt. Cant tell if it did anything tbh but i can assure anyone willing to go forward you can plug half a bottle no problem, so that can be a starting dose for anal bundys
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    Pauly Roger Yung Blood
    Sploo ur turn
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    arthur treacher African Astronaut
    wait, you did this with bundy cough syrup, not actual bundy?
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    Pauly Roger Yung Blood
    With syrup correct, no access to powder
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    arthur treacher African Astronaut
    do a simple A/B extraction, you will end up with amber goo with maybe some crystals in it
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    lol @ plugging syrup

    ive plugged mpa and coconut oil with hash

    mpa is pretty good, would not recommend coconut oil with hash as the effects were minimal
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